Packing Service

Our Packing Service

Packing ServiceAllow us to pack your home's contents ready for your removal with our premium packing service. We offer a full-pack option which includes everything that you will need to prepare your home for your relocation, thus removing the need for you to do anything at all!

So what happens?

You can request a quote on our packing service on the quote request for on our house removals quote page. We will then take the necessary actions to provide you with a comprehensive quotation that includes this service.

We will then arrive on the arranged date with all of the materials needed. Including a range of boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper etc. and proceed to prepare your home to be moved. Thus, you can choose to either get on with the other important preparations of a relocation, or simply go 'down the pub' for your favourite pub grub. We'll then see you at your new home with all of your possessions.

A stressful experience?

People rate the stresses involved with moving house right up there with divorce, bereavement and serious illness (information taken fromĀ This needn't be the case! Simply pack up your important possessions; medication, identification, deeds, make-up etc. and leave the rest to us. You will also have peace of mind that the full removal will be carried out by a dedicated team of experts to the highest standard.